A note from ‘Lost in the clutter’

“Deciding to use Collette to help de-clutter and organize my apartment was one of the best decisions I’ve made in years. She was born to do this work! Any anxiety I had beginning what seemed like a huge and difficult task was dispelled completely as I saw an amazing transformation take place, and faster than I could have imagined. Even more good news: Collette is extremely easy and pleasant to work with and is totally focused and creative with her space solutions. She is also able to listen carefully to your needs and preferences so you wind up with an ordered environment you’ll be easily able to maintain.
She rocks!”

Karen B. Not Lost Anymore!

A note from ‘My Mom’s best Birthday’

I’ll send this quick RINGING endorsement of Collette.  She is really an amazing force of organized, creative energy!  I worked with her over the course of about 9 months (met once a month, for about 4-5 hours each time), to help me create a magical birthday event for my mother.   Collette helped sort through and scan hundreds of old photos and various memorabilia, weaving them into a slide show that we showed at my mom’s birthday dinner.  Over those months she helped this project along in so many ways and with so many special touches.  For instance, she presented me with lots of great ideas for how to “supplement” the show with personalized party favors and touches – including samples of chocolate squares with color photos of my mom, personalized DVD covers for each of my siblings to have their own copy of the photos, booklets of special photos for each family member, and on and on. 
From the start, Collette had a real feel for hearing/understanding what I was looking for, and then translating that into one-of-a-kind ideas.  She knew how to set just the right mood in the room for the party.  She is the most organized person I know, is incredibly efficient and professional, and I couldn’t have been happier with her work. 

Teresa L.

A note from “’30 day wonder”

The old apt was sold and closed today— one month after the move.    I appreciate your help; given the events of that day I couldn’t have done this without you.

Joan B.

A note from ‘Too much stuff, too little space’

If you are thinking about moving, don’t do anything until you meet with Colette Shine. From helping to decide what you don’t need, to disposing of all the “stuff” you’ve been collecting, whether it’s clothing, furniture, electronics, files, etc. she’s a genius. Whether it’s an estate sale, a tag sale, garage sale or charitable giving she is a veritable encyclopedia. Helping with the mover on both ends, organizing your new digs, knowing what products are available to organize your new life, Colette will make it all so easy.
We went from 5300 sq ft to 1800 sq ft and she did it all.  ORGANIZE AND SHINE WITH COLLETTE!  YEA!

Phyllis B. ‘Smaller space and just the right amount of stuff’