About Me


Hello and welcome! I am Collette Shine and I dove into the world of professional organizing in 2008.  While I have always been a planner and organizer, I never dreamed that the skills I had been honing throughout my adult life would be the foundation of a terrific career. But fortunately for me, my aunt owned a professional organizing business in Boston. Through her and her company I had the opportunity to get some invaluable on-the-job training and superb guidance when I was starting out.

One of the important things I discovered about professional organizing is that getting organized is not so much about organizing the stuff as it is about helping people.  That realization is the most rewarding part of my career.  So in 2008 I started Organize and Shine, LLC.

Fortunately, my prior business experience in both the marketing and project management positions I held in the specialized furniture and fashion industries provided me with extremely useful skills that fit perfectly with my new career.  While having the skill to do the job is critical,  I was also starting and running a business from scratch and it certainly helped that I had a great education.  I received my undergraduate degree from The George Washington University and went on to receive my MBA from Fordham University.

I am a strong believer in education and I support the education and promotion of the professional organizing industry.  As such I joined and have been a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and its New York chapter since I started organizing. In addition, I am a member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) as well as the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO).  I currently served as Past President of NAPO-NY and its board.  Previously, I served for three years as President and four years in the role of Professional Development Director where I oversaw all of the educational programs produced at chapter meetings as well as webinars and other special events.

When I am not organizing, I am either watching or listening to sports, thinking about the next meal I am going to cook, or planning my next DIY project.

I hope this gives you a glimpse into the person I am and gives you a feel for me and my background. After all, that thing I discovered about professional organizing being less about the stuff and more about helping people works best when the two people involved know a little bit about each other.